Grades 1-8


At Akiba, we teach students—not subjects—giving them the skills of life-long learning.

Lower School
In the Lower School, literacy is the foundation of that independence, which is why we’re so committed to teaching it well. In multi-age classrooms, children in 1st/2nd grade read one-on-one with a teacher every single day, allowing them to advance at their own rate. 

Teachers at Akiba are not the “keepers of knowledge,” but empower students to find answers themselves. Moreover, open-ended and collaborative assignments promote the fact that there is not “one” right answer. Students mentor each other and develop empathy and respect for one another, secure in the knowledge that each is integral to the community. Multi-age and flexible ability groupings mean that children are always in flux, never stagnating at either the top or the bottom of a class. This promotes humility while still encouraging constant growth. Small class sizes and individualized attention mean children advance quickly, limited only by their own motivation.        

Middle School
In Middle School, the focus shifts more toward independence. Through hands-on activities, problem-based learning, and seminar-like discussions, students learn to ask good questions and find meaningful answers. National programs like History and Science Fair promote independent research skills and the confidence that comes from defending one’s findings to an audience. Subject matter often transcends the classroom; large-scale projects like debates, mock trials, and historical re-enactments involve even the Lower School. High standardized test scores, awards in statewide competitions, and numerous other scholastic achievements bear out the success of our approach.