About Us

Our Mission: Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School provides an excellent secular and Judaic education in Hyde Park to a diverse community of Jewish children from all over Chicagoland. Students study all aspects of our curriculum together in multi-aged classes. By focusing on the individual gifts and needs of each student, our teachers create a caring family of learners who are committed to responsible citizenship, the performance of Mitzvot and support for the State of Israel and its people.

Our Core Values: 

We value teaching children, not subjects. Teach each child according to their way. Even when they grow old, they will not turn away from it. (Proverbs 22:6)  This speaks to our approach to the teaching and learning. We strive for academic excellence in both Judaic and General Studies with a goal of our students learning because of a love of learning. This is accomplished by starting with the child first and caring about each child.

We value joyful Judaism. Serve God with happiness, come from Him with joyful song. (Psalms 100:2)  This speaks to our value in promoting a positive relationship with Judaism. We strive to create positive Jewish experiences in and out of the classroom where a strong Jewish identity is built, a love and connection to the learning of Torah occurs, joyful performance of Mitzvot (Jewish commandments) and Chesed (acts of kindness) is created, and where a love and positive relationship with Israel and its people are made.

We value Jewish Unity. How wonderful and pleasant it is for people to live together in unity. (Psalms 133:1) This speaks to our value, appreciation, and respect for the many different Jews that make up the Jewish people. We believe we are stronger together than apart. We strive to promote Jewish community, celebrate individual spirituality and honor our shared heritage, commitment to Mitzvot and Halacha (Jewish law), strong connection with the land, state and people of Israel and, above all, the beauty of each and every Jew.

We value Respect for all Humanity. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. (Leviticus 19:18)  This speaks to our value, love, and respect for humanity and creation. We believe everyone was created in the image of G-d and has inherent holiness. We strive to teach and model respect for all individuals, our school, and the world. 

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