Baila Brackman
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Baila Brackman

3rd/4th Grade Judaics

Email: Baila Brackman

I have been at Akiba-Schechter since:



Ohel Chana Women’s Teaching Institution, Melbourne, Australia
Beth Rivka Teachers Seminary, Brooklyn, NY
Touro College, New York, NY

I like to teach because:

I believe that children will gain a true appreciation for Torah and learning when it is brought to life and it is full of excitement.

My favorite part of teaching is:

Watching the children learn new information, gain knowledge, come to conclusions on their own, work together, smile and recognize that they are our future and that they mean so much to everyone.

I became a teacher because:

I love seeing children advance, achieve their goals, and watch the subjects being taught come to life.

I'm known by my students for:

Being an example of what I am teaching, and being there for each student.

When I'm not teaching, I

Am a mother/wife, run a Jewish students’ organization at the University of Chicago, exercise, catch up on laundry and cook dinner.