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For over 70 years, Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School has provided an excellent secular and Judaic education to children on the south side of Chicago.

Through the generous support of our community we are able to teach children, not subjects, develop innovative curricula, and joyfully perform Mitzvot and Chesed. Your gift will enable Akiba-Schechter to educate generations to come.

Israel Trip
We are thrilled to announce that the 8th grade Israel trip is scheduled for May 2024. Students are working to raise money to help alleviate costs and are happily accepting donations. All gifts will be used to subsidize the cost of the trip for the 8th graders and their families.
Class Gift
Information coming soon!

Torah Writing Project
The Torah Writing Project at Akiba-Schechter engages students in the sacred art of Torah writing, fostering a deep connection to Jewish heritage and values through hands-on participation in crafting a Torah scroll.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) at Akiba-Schechter Jewish School is a vibrant community of dedicated parents and educators. The PTO serves as a bridge between home and school, fostering collaboration and support.

Through engaging initiatives and events, the PTO enhances the educational experience, promotes family involvement, and strengthens the school community. It provides opportunities for parents to actively contribute their talents, ideas, and resources, creating a nurturing environment for students to thrive.

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