Our Curriculum

Early Childhood Tour of Akiba-Schechter

Akiba-Schechter’s Kindergarten serves as the ideal bridge from Preschool to Elementary School, both for those children who continue their education at Akiba and for those who move on to other private or public school options.

Kindergarten is the perfect balance between play and academics, and builds intangible but fundamental skills: voicing an opinion, socializing, asking questions, thinking critically and working in a group.

“We are incredibly happy to have found Akiba, and have been so impressed with the level of excellence in teaching. Having seen our daughter thrive at Akiba, we now fully embrace the idea of learning through play. Our daughter is constantly nurtured emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually by her teachers.”
Anne Schmidt, Parent

What a Day Looks Like

Akiba-Schechter’s kindergarten is the bridge between early childhood and grade school, where children get the support they need to grow and thrive both academically and social-emotionally. The kindergarten is a play-based program where children are engaged in learning from the moment they enter the classroom.

During Free Play, children choose from the room’s myriad centers: writing, reading, science, house, blocks, games, painting, or loose parts creative play. Children also work on an activity often individually with a teacher or in a small group. This might be a writing or math project, an art activity or cooking.

As part of the bridge into grade school, the kindergarteners participate in the Mishpachot (family) program with the 1st-8th grade students.

In Mishpachot, every child is assigned to a family that they are a part of during the time they spend at Akiba. These Mishpachot groups celebrate Shabbat once a month together with a special lunch and singalong and do design challenges. The kindergarteners learn how to be a part of a multi-age group, to listen to others and have their voices heard, and to belong to something beyond their classroom.
Whether your child is continuing at Akiba or moving to another school, our kindergarten program helps make a smooth transition to first grade.

Alumni Spotlight

Lev Gray
Class of 2009

After graduating from Akiba in 2009, he finished high school at Walter Payton College Prep and will begin college at Yale in the following fall.

Lev recalls his experience in 8th grade at Akiba, where he was able to learn geometry simply because he was ready to. “That kind of academic freedom existed even in 2nd grade,” he says, “where learning was done for its own sake and I could think, I’ll just go as far as I can.”