Thea Crook
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Thea Crook

Librarian, 3rd/4th Grade Teacher Assistant

Email: Thea Crook

I have been at Akiba-Schechter since:



B.A. in English, Latin and Hebrew
Certificate in Foreign Language Education

I like to teach because:

As librarian, I have the opportunity to introduce new books and genres to so many students.

My favorite part of teaching is:

Hearing from the students what books they recommend that we should purchase for the library, and mentoring the library interns.

I became a teacher because:

I love becoming a part of my students’ educational journey as they become part of a community of learners.

I'm known by my students for:

Being firm, fair, and enthusiastic about books.

When I'm not teaching, I

Enjoy reading and relaxing. I also work as a family support specialist, assisting families who are dealing with a crisis.