Lilly Rosner
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Lilly Rosner

5th/6th Grade General Studies

Email: Lilly Rosner

I have been at Akiba-Schechter since:



Masters in Education from the University of Chicago, Bachelors from Sarah Lawrence College

I like to teach because:

Humanities because there is no story more epic than that of humans. I also love to teach Humanities because I believe every child deserves to have the tools to research and communicate their ideas clearly to others. 

My favorite part of teaching is:

rich conversations with the students and those delightful “Aha!” moments when a concept or idea clicks in a student’s mind.

I became a teacher because:

I want to empower children to believe in themselves, no matter their differences, to celebrate what makes them unique and be change-makers in the world they live in. 

I'm known by my students for:

for my patience, creativity, high expectations and love for plants. 

When I'm not teaching, I

I might be found reading scifi and fantasy novels, painting, biking on the lakefront, traveling to new places, caring for my loved ones or hanging out on the couch with my two dogs.