Debbie Lekousis

Lower School Art

Email: Debbie Lekousis

I have been at Akiba-Schechter since:



B.F.A. - School of the Art Institute of Chicago

I like to teach because:

It gives me a great sense of fulfillment every day to bring new art skills and appreciation to children of all ages and skill levels. It’s exciting and rewarding.

My favorite part of teaching is:

Seeing my students develop new skills and confidence.

I became a teacher because:

I enjoy working with children; they approach learning with curiosity and enthusiasm—their own original ideas take on a spirit of adventure.

I'm known by my students for:

Saying: “There are no mistakes in art”. They understand this to mean that however you start a project, if you stick with until it’s finished, you’ll end up with something truly amazing. My students have proven me right every time!

When I'm not teaching, I

Read and write poetry, paint, take pictures, and create art; bike the neighborhood and/or the lakefront; travel to new places and see the museums there; fold intricate origami art from beautiful paper to give as gifts to friends and family.