Aaron Marcus


Email: Aaron Marcus

I have been at Akiba-Schechter since:

2014 (and was also here 2000-2002).


A.B. Princeton University
M.Ed. Boston University
J.D. Chicago-Kent College of Law

I like to teach because:

Mishna: Two reasons. 1) I take great satisfaction in seeing students improve their ability to translate Hebrew.  I don’t have to suffer the doubt “did the students take away anything this year?”  I can plainly see that they did.
2) I like to talk with kids about the law and bring the law alive.  Middle school is a great age for learning law.

My favorite part of teaching is:

Talking with students - in class and out - about Torah, history, economics, music, stand-up comedy, Tolkien - you know, the important things.

I became a teacher because:

A teacher friend asked me to teach at my old high school in Dayton, Ohio and I had a wonderful year.  Hmmm…is that really the answer?  Who knows?  I also like teaching because I only have two modes of interacting with the world: BBC The Story of Maths and BBC Monty Python.

I'm known by my students for:

Physically crushing cell phones with my bare hands when they go off in my classroom.  When I say turn the phones off, I mean TURN THEM OFF!

When I'm not teaching, I

I hang out with my family, schmooze with friends over coffee, seek out new intellectual heroes, attempt to fill holes in my music appreciation education, and surf the internet for news that the mashiach has arrived.